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Industrial Electrical Services

At LBA Electrical Services, we understand the unique electrical requirements of the industrial sector, and we are well-equipped to provide compliant and safe solutions for all your industrial electrical needs. Our experienced team is committed to working safely and efficiently to meet your specific requirements while minimizing disruption to your business operations. Whether you need new installations, maintenance, or upgrades, we offer a wide range of industrial electrical services to cater to your needs.

Unique electrical requirements covered
Compliant and safe solutions
Committed to working safely and efficiently
Minimum disruption to your business operations
New installations, maintenance, or upgrades

Industrial Electrical Services

At LBA Electrical Services, we prioritize safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction in every industrial electrical project we undertake. With our wide range of industrial electrical services and dedication to delivering efficient and effective solutions, you can trust us to be your reliable electrical partner for your industrial facility.

New Installations

We have the expertise to design and install new electrical systems for industrial facilities, ensuring they are tailored to meet your specific needs and comply with industry standards.

Distribution Boards

Properly functioning distribution boards are essential for the reliable distribution of power throughout your industrial facility. We offer installation, maintenance, and repairs of distribution boards to ensure optimal performance.

Distribution Circuits

We can set up distribution circuits to efficiently manage power distribution within your industrial space, maximizing electrical efficiency and safety.

Planned Maintenance & Reactive Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for industrial electrical systems to operate smoothly and prevent potential issues. We can work with you to create planned maintenance schedules that keep your systems in top condition.

Our team is prepared to address unexpected electrical issues promptly with reactive maintenance services, ensuring minimal downtime for your industrial operations.

Fault Finding

Our experienced electricians are skilled in quickly identifying and resolving electrical faults, reducing downtime and minimizing the impact on your business.

Additional Lighting

Proper lighting is vital in industrial settings to ensure a safe and productive work environment. We offer additional lighting solutions to meet your specific needs.

Additional Power

As your industrial operations grow, you may require additional power supply points. We can install additional power outlets to accommodate your expanding requirements.

LED Lighting Upgrades

Upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting can lead to significant cost savings for your industrial facility. We offer LED lighting upgrades to improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Security Lighting

Enhance the security of your industrial premises with strategically placed security lighting that deters intruders and improves safety.

Emergency Lighting - Maintenance/Installation/Testing

Emergency lighting is crucial for ensuring safe evacuation during power outages or emergencies. We provide maintenance, installation, and testing services for reliable emergency lighting systems.

Security Alarms

Protect your industrial facility with advanced security alarm systems designed to meet your specific security needs.

Door and Gate Entry/Access Systems

Control access to your industrial premises with sophisticated door entry and access systems for enhanced security.


Monitor and safeguard your industrial facility with our professional CCTV installation services.

Data Cabling

We offer reliable data cabling services to ensure seamless communication and data transfer within your industrial space.

Fire Alarms

Ensure the safety of your industrial facility with our expert fire alarm installations and testing services.