Demesne Street, Wirral

// Jan 2020

// Project Requirements:

At the start of 2020, LBA Electrical Services took on a significant project at Demesne Street, Wirral. The objective was to renovate and convert an old pub into 10 flats and a community/skills center. The center was dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities through cooking and IT skill development. The project required a full rewiring of the building and the installation of essential security and data systems to ensure a safe and functional environment for the occupants.

// What We Did:

LBA Electrical Services promptly mobilized a skilled team to tackle the extensive rewiring required for the building. The rewiring process was meticulously executed, considering the property’s layout and the unique needs of the community/skills center. Additionally, we installed a state-of-the-art CCTV system to monitor the premises, providing enhanced security for the flats and the community/skills center. We also integrated a door access system to control entry points and ensure a safe and secure environment. Furthermore, we installed data cabling throughout the building, facilitating seamless connectivity and access to IT resources for the skill development programs.

// The Outcome:

The successful completion of the Demesne Street project marked a significant achievement for LBA Electrical Services. The renovated flats and the community/skills center provided a safe and inclusive living and learning space for individuals with disabilities. The rewiring and electrical installation ensured the smooth and efficient operation of all electrical systems, enhancing the overall functionality of the premises. The integration of advanced security and data systems contributed to the safety and security of the occupants, while the IT resources supported the skill development programs, empowering individuals within the community. The outcome was a triumph for all involved, reflecting LBA Electrical Services’ dedication to excellence and social impact through our electrical services.