Kraftburger, Crosby, Liverpool

// Jan 2020

// Project Requirements:

Kraftburger, a contemporary dining establishment in Crosby, Liverpool, required a full electrical installation that complemented its modern and industrial aesthetic. The project demanded a unique approach for the front-of-house to create an ‘exposed look’ while ensuring a fully functional and advanced electrical setup for the commercial kitchen.

// What We Did:

Our team embarked on this project with a keen eye for detail and aesthetics. We executed an ‘exposed look’ electrical installation in the dining area, enhancing the ambience with an industrial flair. Concurrently, we installed a comprehensive electrical system in the commercial kitchen, focusing on safety, efficiency, and the specific demands of a busy restaurant environment.

// The Outcome:

The installation at Kraftburger resulted in a seamless blend of form and function. The front-of-house area exudes a modern vibe, while the kitchen operates with top-notch electrical infrastructure, enhancing the overall dining experience and operational efficiency of the restaurant.