Lodge Works, Knowsley, Liverpool

// spring 2019

// Project Requirements

Lodge Works, located in Knowsley, Liverpool, presented an opportunity to complete a full electrical installation for four new commercial units. Two of these units were to be prepared with basic lighting and power for prospective businesses or tenants. The remaining units were designated to become the new headquarters for our client, Leedex Construction, requiring a distinctive electrical design to align with their industrial-themed vision.

// What We Did:

LBA Electrical Services embarked on a comprehensive electrical installation journey, catering to the diverse requirements of the commercial units. For the two units intended for prospective businesses, we efficiently installed the necessary lighting and power, providing a conducive environment for future occupants. To fulfill Leedex Construction’s vision for their new HQ, we utilized robust materials like steel cable basket, trunking, and conduit to create an industrial ambiance. Additionally, CAT5 cabling was integrated for data points, CCTV systems, and a first-fix installation for the fire alarm system.

// The Outcome:

The completion of Lodge Works demonstrated LBA Electrical Services’ capability to cater to diverse commercial requirements with excellence. The integration of steel components imparted a modern and industrial feel to Leedex Construction’s new HQ, aligning perfectly with their corporate identity. The successful installation and integration of security systems, data cabling, and fire alarm systems contributed to a safe and efficient working environment for all occupants. The project was a resounding success, leaving our clients satisfied and providing them with spaces that perfectly aligned with their business goals.